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Thunder Preview: OKC Seeks to Even Record against San Antonio

Thunder Preview: OKC Seeks to Even Record against San Antonio

The Thunder head to San Antonio to even the record against the Spurs.

Currently on a two game losing streak, San Antonio is 2-1 when facing Oklahoma City this season.


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The Spurs have become a top team in ball security. San Antonio ranks in the league in turnover ratio by averaging 12.6 turnovers a game. 

Not only do they keep the ball secure, but they spread it around like no other. Leading the league in assists per game with 28, the Spurs have got a tight handle on offense.

Lonnie Walker or Lindy Waters?

Both the Spurs and the Thunder have hot players coming off the bench. 

San Antonio’s Lonnie Walker IV has been very impressive in his last two games where he averaged 63 percent from the floor. Most recently Walkers IV finished eight-of-12 from the floor and 60 percent from the perimeter with 22 points.

Lindy Waters III on the other hand has not been as consistent, but when he’s confident from deep he’s near impossible to contain. Against Memphis, Waters III shot four-of-nine from behind the arc finishing with 16 points.

Each team will need a hot streak from a bench player to win the game, it will be interesting to see which one steps up to the challenge.

Bazley Ablaze

The Thunder have truly benefitted from Bazley’s recent emergence. Looking more confident and assertive, Bazley recorded ten monster dunks in OKC’s recent matchup against Charlotte. 

Not only has he been dominant in the lane, Bazley has also been very efficient. Averaging 56.7 percent from the floor and 43.6 percent from behind the arc in his last two contests.

Bazley scored a career high of 29 points in OKC’s loss to Memphis where he also snatched ten rebounds. Showing his aggressiveness in scoring and on the boards, Bazley has been an athletic, dynamic threat for the Thunder.


Notable: San Antonio ranks second in the league in points made in the paint, averaging 54 a game. The Spurs will try to take as much advantage in the lane as possible, since the Thunder is undersized by comparison.

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