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Thunder Grades: The Reserves

Thunder Grades: The Reserves

Vit Krejci: Inconclusive 

Set back because of an injury, Vit Krejci was beginning the season at a disadvantage. He spent the first half of the season rehabbing and was unavailable to play.

After he healed, he would only be thrown in for a few minutes. It was difficult for him to get into the flow of the game and therefore hard to judge.

When the Thunder’s roster became plagued with injuries. he was awarded more minutes. During this small stretch, Krejci proved to be a versatile guard who was fairly efficient from the field but inconsistent from behind the arc. 

Isaiah Roby: B-

Isaiah Roby has been in every possible Thunder lineup this season. Despite this inconsistency in personel, Roby has been a very consistent player. 

Filling the “glue guy” role quite well, OKC could always count on solid minutes from Roby. Getting in prime position for rebounds, recording blocks, spacing the floor and remaining poised in transition Roby did all the little things right.

The little things are good, but outside of the buzzer triple to give Oklahoma City a victory over Portland, Roby was never flashy offensively. 

Roby knew his role and played it well when given the chance. But that might not be enough to secure him a spot in the future.

Theo Maledon: D

Considering that Maledon was the back-up point guard in the 2020-2021 season, his role diminished this year with the rise of Thunder rookie Josh Giddey.

Consequently, Maledon was given less minutes and sent to the G-League to regain his confidence. He did not make much of an impact for the Thunder until the end of the season.

When given the opportunity, Maledon has proven to be a good decision-maker under pressure. Although he does not attack enough offensively and almost always looks for the open player instead of the open look.

Aleksej Pokusevski: C

Pokusevski began the season making irrational decisions offensively and was caught ball watching on defense too many times to count.

Though as the season progressed, Pokusevski displayed flashes of improvement and potential. His decision-making according to Thunder Head Coach Mark Daigneault became more predictable, which is what they were looking for. 

The increased offensive output was on full display after he averaged 3.8 points per game in December then rose to 11 points per game in February.

Down the stretch Pokusevski was more comfortable handling the ball, even ran point a few times. Defensively, he was much improved. Broke down and moved laterally at the perimeter and shifted more in help.

The strides Pokusevski made in his game are notable but he is still no where near his ceiling.

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