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Thunder Grades: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Thunder Grades: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: A

The leader of the Thunder not only continued to impress but also improved his game from last year.

One of the craftiest guards on the roster, Gilgeous-Alexander has developed a certain finesse when driving to the basket. Gilgeous-Alexander has become an elite rim finisher which awards him many trips to the charity stripe.

During the month of November, Gilgeous-Alexander averaged 38 percent from the field, 30 percent from the perimeter, and averaged 19 points.

Although just as Gilgeous-Alexander was catching his stride he incurred a right ankle injury which caused him to be bench-ridden for ten games.

It was evident Gilgeous-Alexander was more than ready to get back into action after returning from the All-Star break. Gilgeous-Alexander was on a rampage during this stint and seemingly could not be stopped.

In his first three contests coming off his injury, he was better than before. Gilgeous-Alexander shot a 61 percent clip from the field and averaged 35 points a game. 

This high offensive production transitioned into March. Gilgeous-Alexander only recorded three games where he did not score above 30 points. He also was more efficient from behind the arc, shooting a 39.5 percent clip.

Even though his overall efficiency during  March was high, it was very inconsistent throughout the month. Gilgeous-Alexander went three-of-three against Milwaukee then immediately went zero-of-four and one-of-five in his next two contests.

Working on his efficiency from deep has always been a focus for Gilgeous-Alexander and he should continue to work on his consistency this off-season.

It cannot be denied though, when Gilgeous-Alexander has the ball in his hands he can take down just about anybody.

He’s already proven he’s an elite iso-player. The next factor of Gilgeous-Alexander’s game that he needs polishing: managing a role in a dynamic duo.

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