Rickey Hunt Jr. Leads The Millwood Falcons To Their 6th Straight Soul Bowl Victory

The 2021 Millwood Falcons pose after their Soul Bowl win
Rickey Hunt Jr. Leads The Millwood Falcons To Their 6th Straight Soul Bowl Victory

(Editor’s note: We’d like to thank Daniel Bell from Blacl Sports Online for covering this event for us)

If you talk to someone about all of the traditions surrounding Oklahoma High
School football, it won’t take long before they bring up the Soul Bowl.
Truly one of the best traditions in Oklahoma sports, the Soul Bowl is an East Side
OKC tradition that has been going on for 46 years between the Millwood Falcons
and Douglass Trojans. They might be in two different classes and the two
schools are only separated by 4.6 miles on Martin Luther King Ave. on the east
side of OKC but that just adds to the rivalry.
Like most rivalries in sports, this one is a good game no matter how good or bad
either team is but that might not even be the best part of the experience.
It’s the pageantry.
Have you ever been to a big homecoming game? If so, that’s exactly what this
game feels like. There is so much pageantry that goes on between the game, the
bands, the fans, the Soul Bowl HOF presentations, and they even have alumni
basketball games the night before. It’s such a great experience.
But there is a game and as mentioned before, like every other year, this one
didn’t disappoint.
If you have never heard of the name Rickey Hunt Jr., you should get well
acquainted with him. He’s one of the most exciting players in Oklahoma. I call
him “Mr. Do It All” because he truly does it all playing QB, RB, punt returner, kick
returner, and a little LB, and it was the Rickey Hunt Jr. show all afternoon.
Millwood started the game on the defensive end but it didn’t take them long
before they were on the board. They forced a 3 and out and on the punt return,
Hunt returns it for a 95 yard touchdown to get the Falcons their first score of the
It was all Rickey Hunt Jr. from that point on.
A few minutes later in the first quarter, Hunt who lined up at QB, takes a QB
keeper for 39 yards to the house and ran in the 2 point conversion to give the
Falcons a 14-0 lead.

Outside of those two big plays in the 1 st half, Douglass was pretty good on
defense. They did a good job of containing the run and didn’t allow any big
passing plays. They just couldn’t find any rhythm on offense.
The Trojans couldn’t find any space to run on the Millwood’s defense and
Sophomore QB Kaleb Moore and his receivers couldn’t get on the same page at
all. They were getting open but Moore either over/under threw them or they
dropped the pass which helped Millwood go into halftime with a 14-0 lead.
After the Millwood band gave us an absolutely great performance, Millwood
started the half by getting an 88 yard kick off return from freshman Xzavier
Douglass tried to create some momentum as Moore and his receivers were
finally able to connect and get themselves on the board with a 27 yard
touchdown from Moore to Sr. Collin Stewart and it looked like the Trojans were
finally able to get some momentum going.
However, every time they had a big play, they would have a mental mistake that
would cancel it out.
They had a little going into the 4 th and were coming up with the much needed
stops to get back in the game but at the start of the 4 th , Rickey Hunt must have
gotten tired of not hearing his name because he made a great read and throw to
find DeAunte Shaw for a 27 yard touchdown to give the Falcons a 27-7 lead and
that would be the final score.
Hunt ended the game with a rushing, passing, and return touchdown to lead the
Falcons to their 6 th straight Soul Bowl victory and earned MVP honors for the
The Trojans didn’t play bad despite what the score says though. They had too
many mistakes, gave up 3 big plays with 2 in special teams, and Moore and his
receivers just couldn’t find a consistent connection. They do have a lot of talent
and will have a lot of key players returning for next year including Moore so they
will have a great opportunity to turn things around in the East Side Classic.

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