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Renowned program builder Lon Kruger laid the foundation for greatness at every stop

Renowned program builder Lon Kruger laid the foundation for greatness at every stop

Silver Lake, Kansas is an idyllic town along U.S. 24 with a population of about 1,395 people on the outskirts of Topeka.

A quaint community, Silver Lake’s official website “boasts” every business residing in the city limits, including a Chinese restaurant, a laundromat and a barber shop.

Noticeably missing however is perhaps their most famous son, and a legendary college basketball coach who transformed nearly every program he touched, Lon Kruger.

On Friday, Kruger was joined by University of Oklahoma President Joseph Harroz and OU Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletic Programs and Athletic Director Joe Castiglione for his retirement press conference, conducted on Zoom.

“It’s often said, being in sports, whether it’s any sport whatever it is that we do that is just literally what we do,” Castiglione said. “With Coach Kruger you can see that every singe day. Every day he brought it, and he never brought it in a way that was about him. It was always humble. It was always behind the scenes. He never looked for credit. He did things when people weren’t looking that were transformational.

“So if you’re looking at quantifying someone’s career and trying to determine Hall of Fame, we know that’s what happened. But he is a Hall of Fame person.”


For the entire story, please visit https://www.si.com/college/oklahoma/mens-basketball/renowned-program-builder-lon-kruger-laid-the-foundation-for-greatness-at-every-stop 

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