Pete Alonzo Repeats As Derby Champ

Pete Alonzo Repeats As Derby Champ

The 2021 T-Mobile Home Run Derby took place at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado
Monday night, kicking off MLB All-Star Week. The 8-player tournament was headlined
by Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Shohei Ohtani, who came into the All-Star break
leading baseball with 33 home runs and as the betting favorite to win the Derby.
All 8 of the Derby contestants wore their own team jersey, but each one had the number
44 instead of their own in remembrance of baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, who
passed away this January.

The first round began with 3-seed Matt Olson of the Oakland Athletics taking on 6-seed
Trey Mancini of the Baltimore Orioles. Mancini led off with 19 runs in regulation and
followed it up with 5 runs in bonus time, giving him a first round total of 24. Olson started
off with 17 homers in regulation time, but was only able to come up with 6 in the bonus,
losing round one with a total of 23 runs.

Next came 7-seed Trevor Story of the Colorado Rockies versus the second seeded
Joey Gallo from the Texas Rangers. Story led off sending 16 and 4 into the stands,
giving him a total of 20 to start. Gallo followed up with a poor regulation score of 11
runs, and came just short of tying Story with 8 homers in bonus time, losing in the first
round, 20 to 19.
The third matchup of round one featured 4-seed Salvador Perez of the Kansas City
Royals taking on the defending champion Pete Alonso of the New York Mets in the 5-
seed. Alonso started off with an unreal 25 homers in regulation and another 10 in bonus
time, giving him an all-time first round record of 35 home runs. Perez did his best
posting an amazing 17 and 11 to follow, but Alonso left his turn leaving little doubt,
winning 35-28.

The headliner, Shohei Ohtani, took on 8-seed Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals to
wrap up the first round and it went the distance. Both Ohtani and Soto hit 22 home runs
in their attempts, and both hit 6 more home runs in overtime. In a three-swing hit off,
Soto led off going 3 for 3 in his attempts, and Ohtani followed, unable to hit a single one.
Soto defeated Ohtani , 31 to 28, and secured the biggest upset of the first round.
All four of the top seeds ended up losing in the first round, losing by 10 runs combined.
In the second round, the Mile High fatigue seemed to set in a little bit. Story led off
against Mancini, hitting only 12 homers to start. Mancini followed that by hitting 13
bombs in regulation alone to move on to the Finals.

Soto drew the tall task of defeating the flaming bat of Pete Alonso, but he sent only 15
baseballs deep in his attempt. Alonso followed, effortlessly sending 16 shots into the
stands in only regulation time to secure a chance to defend his title.
In the Final round, each batter was granted only 2 minutes to hit in regulation time, 1
minute less than before. #6 Trey Mancini went first against #5 Pete Alonso, and he put
up a great score with 17 jacks in regulation and 5 more in the bonus, leading off with 22 runs.

Alonso seemed to feel the pressure a little bit, hitting 17 homers as well in
regulation, but then immediately closed the door in bonus time hitting 6 straight moon
shots to the left field stands, defeating Mancini 23 to 22.
With the third-best odds to win it all coming into it, #5 Pete Alonso dominated his way to
being named the 2021 T-Mobile Home Run Derby Champion and became just the third
player to ever win back-to-back Home Run Derby Championships.

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