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OU-Kent State: One Big Thing

By John E. Hoover


Amid all the storylines about tempo vs. tempo this week, the bottom line for Oklahoma is simple: make steady, incremental improvements in a handful of areas and the product will be better.

Brent Venables talked about playing cleaner on the offensive line. That’s a given. Take away Gavin Freeman’s 46-yard tackle-breaking touchdown run and the Sooner ground game only averaged 5.7 yards per carry — good, but should be better against a team like UTEP. The Miners also got too much pressure on Dillon Gabriel.

A second game together for the starting five should equate to cleaner play.

Venables also wants to see players finish plays and finish drives the right way — no third-down penalties, no mental mistakes that take touchdowns off the board, etc.

More snaps for young, inexperienced players should deliver more efficient football in the late stages of the game.

The Sooner secondary needs to read a few things better and solidify its zone coverages this week. Kent State will throw the football better than UTEP did, and the Miners went 33-of-51 for 288 yards and only threw one late interception.

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