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Options for OKC with Pick No. 12

Options for OKC with Pick No. 12

The Thunder has many options with the 12th pick in the 2022 draft.

OKC could package this pick with either their 34th or 30th pick to move up into the top ten.

If Sam Presti decides to keep the 12th pick, these are a few strong options for Oklahoma City.


Mark Williams (Duke)

One of the most fundamentally sound players in the draft, Mark Williams checks a lot of boxes.

For starters he’s a great rim protector, averaging 2.8 blocks per game last season, and has a solid defensive profile. Williams is a stout rebounder standing at seven-foot and holds a seven-foot-seven wingspan.

Knowing how to use his length to his advantage, Williams can finish lobs over defenses and is a major weapon as a screener in the pick-and-roll.

Williams is an excellent offensive rebounder, explosive and has the ability to catch difficult interior passes.

Lacking a perimeter skill set will be his biggest hurdle to overcome when transitioning to the NBA.

With no display of lateral quickness, his switching ability will be limited. Williams also shot zero percent from deep last season. The silver lining regarding that stat is Williams can only go up from there.

If the Thunder land Jabari Smith or a guard like Jaden Ivey with their second overall pick, Williams would be the perfect center for OKC’s roster.


Ousmane Dieng (New Zealand)

An athletic, raw six-foot-ten 19 year old from New Zealand, AKA the typical Presti pick.

Ousmane Dieng shows a lot of promise for his age. A smooth ball-handler that uses low crossovers to create space for floaters. He has a quick first step and can pass off the dribble.

Displays solid passing vision, although Dieng’s accuracy does not always follow through. Since his passes are sometimes off target Dieng could have a role as a screener, cutter and slasher.

Defensively, Dieng will need to adapt quickly. Even at the lower level he was unaware in off-ball scenarios and rotated slowly.

His shooting efficiency is also an issue, finishing this season shooting 35.6 percent from the field and 23.6 percent from the perimeter.

This athletic, raw talent would be on-trend for Presti seeing that Oklahoma City’s timeline would allow time for Dieng to develop his shooting.


Dyson Daniels (Ignite)

If OKC is searching for another playmaker on the roster, Dyson Daniels has the right profile.

There is no pass Daniels cannot make and has the ability to improvise smart plays.

Daniels is also a coordinated ball handler who plays at his once pace. And much like Thunder star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, uses his angles and touch to his advantage.

Fitting Oklahoma City’s culture, Daniels is an excellent defender. He is versatile, rotates well and sets the tone for his teammates.

Despite Daniels finishing his season with Ignite much better than he started, he only made 25.5 percent of his triples. Daniels has poor shot mechanics so remedying his form will require some patience.

He’s kind of a weird mix of Josh Giddey and Gilgeous-Alexander so if OKC were to draft Daniels he would most likely be a role player off the bench.

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