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Oklahoma’s Theo Wease Mastering Ins and Outs of Hurry-Up Offense

By Ross Lovelace


When Theo Wease caught his second pass near the sideline on Saturday, it looked eerily similar to his game-changing touchdown against Baylor back in 2019. Wease’s cut wasn’t enough to take it to the house this time around, but it seemed to solidify one thing: Wease is back.

Wease finished the game with three catches for 37 yards, but none as electrifying as the 33-yard comeback that he turned upfield. Oklahoma took its foot off the gas in the second half, opting to pass the ball minimally. The redshirt junior’s production will only go up as the games get bigger.

The Allen, TX, product decided to stick around in Norman, and all offseason long the reports have been incredibly positive. Both Wease and his coaches feel like he’s back to his old self.

“I should have went and scored honestly,” Wease said. “I was kind of mad at myself right after the play. And then I got more mad when I watched it on the big screen. But no, I felt like I didn’t really need anything to bring me back. You know, I’ve been playing a lot of ball so far. Really I should have scored.”


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