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Oklahoma’s Danny Stutsman Is Using Pressure To Be One of ‘The Greats’

The best Sooner teams have been led by an anchoring linebacker in the middle of the field, and Danny Stutsman is striving to be the next impact player in that lineup.

After a season of hardship and disappointment, the pressure is on for Brent Venables and Oklahoma in year two.

Venables’ voice on the field, Danny Stutsman, will shoulder much of the responsibility for the team’s turnaround.

Stutsman had a rock-solid statistical season a year ago, but the tape told a different story. It was hardly his fault, as Oklahoma’s entire defense looked dazed and confused during several of the seven total losses. The team’s leading tackler did his part with 125 tackles, but that couldn’t account for the buildup of mistakes across both levels of the defense.

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