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OKC Memorial Marathon: Dylan and Jerry Sit Down With Marathon Winners

The Oklahoma City Memorial races took place over the weekend to honor those who were killed, injured and changed forever by the Oklahoma City Bombing.
Jerry Ramsey and Dylan Buckingham had the opportunity to sit down with the 2023 winners of the Men’s and Women’s full marathons on Sunday.
This years Men’s full marathon winner, Al Maeder told Dylan and Jerry that he had been dreaming of this day for the past five years. “I lost my mind coming down that home stretch”, said Maeder.
Maeder, who also won the half marathon in 2022 gave some tips about what makes him successful. He told the “TV on The Radio” crew that he does not wear headphones when running because he likes to listen to his legs and breathing. “Unplug and go run”, said Maeder.
The Women’s marathon winner, Kristi Coleman, who also won the women’s half marathon in 2022 told Dylan and Jerry that she has a slightly different approach. She indicated that she is a fan of listening to music while running.
One thing that both winners could agree on is how much different a half marathon is from a full one. Coleman said that she had been training for a half marathon until she decided to switch to the full just 10 days before the race.
Both winners were very happy with the outcome and opportunity to be a part of the inaugural Oklahoma City tradition.
“168 people didn’t have the opportunity to run today at all”, said Coleman.