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How Oklahoma’s Young, Twitchy, ‘Freak’ DEs Can Help Turn Things Around Immediately

Teammates say freshman P.J. Adebawore is “like the Avatar,” while sophomore R Mason Thomas still plays like Taz.

NORMAN — Opponents scouting Oklahoma’s young defensive ends this season might notice a problem trying to block freshman P.J. Adebawore.

“P.J. is a freak. He’s built like the Avatar,” said junior Ethan Downs. “Like the blue Avatar. Lankiest dude. He’s super strong. Super fast. Twitchy. He’s a great player. Very smooth pass rusher. He’s a beast.”

Adebawore is the Sooners’ 5-star freshman from Kansas City, a 6-foot-4, 241-pound edge rusher who might as well be animated for all he can do physically.

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