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‘He wants to play’: Will Rattler get a shot vs. weak Jayhawks team?

‘He wants to play’: Will Rattler get a shot vs. weak Jayhawks team?

Spencer Rattler still wants his shot.

Whether that’s at another school next year remains to be seen, but the backup OU quarterback and former Heisman favorite is still determined to earn his role back, according to his coach.

“He wants to play,” Lincoln Riley said. “He’s preparing like he wants to play. And so if he gets an opportunity to play, I’m going to play him — no matter what the game situation is, no matter what the scenario it is for him going in. His mindset is I’m just getting ready for the next opportunity. And that’s what it needs to be.”

There’s good news and bad news for Rattler here. 

The good? He will likely play in early garbage time against Kansas, a team that OU beat 62-9 last year and is 38 point favorites against this Saturday.

The bad? Even if he dominates when he’s in vs. Kansas –– which isn’t a guarantee considering his shoddy performance against the Jayhawks last year –– that doesn’t mean he’ll automatically regain respect. This may earn him some consolation prize minutes at best.

“I wouldn’t hold myself to anything but if I get a chance to play him and he’s preparing like he’s going to play and he keeps preparing like that, then if I get a chance to play him, I’m going to play him,” Riley said of Rattler.

Rattler’s replacement Caleb Williams has been the talk of college football after his comeback vs. Texas and solid performance vs. TCU that saw him throw 295 yards, four touchdowns and secure a 52-31 win.

With all signs pointing to Williams remaining the starter the rest of the way, Riley said there may be some opportunities for Rattler, but it would depend on the situation.

“Obviously the game, being in control, is the first thing, and then after that I think it’s who’s the starter? What does he need? Who’s the backup? What does he need? There’s probably a lot that goes into it,” Riley said.

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