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Dallas Cowboys using popsicles to combat Texas heat

Dallas Cowboys using popsicles to combat Texas heat

The summer Texas heat can be brutal.

To have the scolding sun beat down on you is particularly taxing to some, especially when football pads are involved. But the Dallas Cowboys have found a way around this.


“They’ve got popsicles in there, they’ve got water, Gatorade,” Cowboys center Joe Looney said. “You’re basically just sitting down, and the whole purpose of it is to try to take down your core temperature and whatnot.”

Looney, who has such a passion for blue raspberry popsicles that his tongue is often blue from them, gains a particular benefit from the frozen treats because of his build.

“I’m a big guy with a bunch of hair, so I need it,” Looney said. “I’m in there dumping water on my head. I think it’s wonderful. Practicing in Texas presents a different challenge for us, just getting used to the heat. I think it’s an amazing technique that we can go in there, grab a popsicle, cool down and then head back out to practice and hit it real hard.”

Despite this new way of cooling down, Looney says this year’s training camp location, which is at The Star in Texas, pales in comparison to previous Dallas training camps— which took place in Oxnard, California.

“It’s great to be here in Texas, but I mean that California, Oxnard weather – we all know you can’t beat that,” Looney said.

This is just one more way that new head coach Mike McCarthy is adjusting the players to football during a pandemic. Other Cowboys players have commended McCarthy for this.

“One thing I really respect about Coach McCarthy is how he takes care of our bodies,” said Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence. “When we’re on the practice field, we go hard and everybody is very deliberate in what we’re doing. His message is really when we touch the practice field, we go hard, and he’s going to take care of our bodies.”

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