Cowboys ruled ineligible for 2022 NCAA tournament

Cowboys ruled ineligible for 2022 NCAA tournament

The NCAA strikes again.

After two years of waiting, the NCAA denied the OSU men’s basketball team’s postseason-ban appeal Wednesday, making the Cowboys ineligible for the 2022 NCAA Tournament. Initially, the postseason-ban was supposed to bar OSU from the 2021 postseason, but the drawn-out appeal process made it impact the 2022 team.

Back in 2016, then assistant coach Lamont Evans took bribes to guide NBA prospects to various outlets such as schools, managers and advisers. The violations were committed when Brad Underwood was coach in 2016. No current OSU player was involved in these violations. Evans served three months in prison in 2019 for his actions.

An emotional Mike Boynton took the podium Wednesday along with athletic director Chad Weiberg to explain how he informed his team.

“They slept well last night,” Boynton said, referring to the NCAA. “While I explained to 17 kids that their dreams of playing in the NCAA Tournament this year couldn’t be realized. It’s no wonder that nobody trusts them. It’s shameful. There’s no wonder that nobody trusts them. Because they get to hide behind letters.”

Boynton wasn’t the only one upset, though. OSU President Kayse Shrum released a passionate statement when she was informed of the ruling.

“From the briefings I received on this matter when I became President of Oklahoma State, the ban was excessive and did not align with the facts,” Shrum said in a statement. “We were right to appeal and thought we would receive fair consideration. The NCAA’s inconsistent standards and applications of penalties are a reflection of a broken system.”

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