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Baker’s Back in Town

Baker’s Back in Town

Oklahoma’s long awaited spring game is taking place this Saturday in Norman, Oklahoma. The only thing that Sooner fans are looking forward to more than the red/white matchup is the unveiling of Baker Mayfield’s statue.

Mayfield joined Todd Lisenbee and Eddie Radosevich on the morning show to discuss this weekend’s festivities.

After five years in the making, Mayfield’s statue will be added to Heisman Park on Saturday.

“It’s been a fun process to plan and it’s brought back a lot of good memories and a lot of moments and, you know, looking at the invitation list and all that, you know, made me think about all the people that you know, impacted my life positively to get to that point and helped me grow from there and allowed me to live on my dream so it’s been a great process,” Mayfield said.

The spring game has always been a special time in Norman but the unveiling Mayfield’s statue brings on another level of excitement.

So much so that numerous former Sooners are traveling back to witness the spectacle.

“I’m looking forward to seeing everybody it’s just it’s one of those things that I know it’s about the statue and the spring game and Venables, but it’s more so about the tradition,” Mayfield said.

“That’s what I think Brent (Venables) is doing a great job of and Joe Castiglione always done a great job with that as well and just welcoming former players and just trying to be around the new recruits and you know share that family atmosphere that it truly is it’s not just put on for show for a weekend like this. It really is like that.”

But Baker is not the only Mayfield traveling to Norman, his wife is accompanying him. Baker is looking forward to the opportunity to show his wife around.

Mayfield said,”I’m excited to be back with my wife who obviously wasn’t wasn’t there during that process in my college days and kind of shore the stomping grounds and just be around other teammates and people that are impacted. It’s just gonna be a good time.”

Although, Oklahoma won’t quite be the same as it was during Baker’s college years. Since Lincoln Riley left for USC, there will be some relatively new faces on the sideline this Saturday.

Mayfield commented about Oklahoma Head Coach Brent Venables,”obviously we’ve exchanged words and all that I already told him I’ll see if I can forgive him for the head beating he gave me in 2015…”

“…but I’m just excited to see Oklahoma back, you know, get this defense rolling with Venables leading the fire, and I’m so excited.”

This won’t be the only time that Baker makes his way to Norman though as he’ll return June 28th for youth camp.

“It’s just something that I truly enjoy. I have a blast running around. I think I sweat more than the kids do, run around trying to have fun with them,” Mayfield said.

“But I enjoy doing that, giving back to the town that I truly am so thankful for the help raise me to help me live out my dreams. And so it’s something I’m grateful to be able to do.

To listen to the full interview click here:https://post.futurimedia.com/krxo/playlist/61/listen-4450.html?cb=1650551021.149011


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