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As Oklahoma Prepares for Class of 2024, Brent Venables Has Been Quite Busy

The Sooners’ head coach and his staff have been flying and driving here and there for in-home visits with nearly every member of OU’s “24k” incoming class.

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Oklahoma Sooners


Brent Venables and his coaching staff have been busy men.

National Signing Day week has arrived. In two days, college football rosters will add their 2024 recruiting class.

But Venables and the Oklahoma staff didn’t wait until Wednesday to welcome their new class to Norman.

Rather, the OU coaches spent much of the previous two weeks flying and driving around the country to visit their newcomers in their homes, eating dinner with their families, posing for pictures and reaffirming everyone’s belief that Oklahoma is the right place for them (see below for the list of in-home visits publicized on social media).

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