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Andre Roberson On Pace To Return in Preseason

Andre Roberson On Pace To Return in Preseason

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma City Thunder have grown accustomed to life without Andre Roberson. Since his injury in late January of 2018, the Thunder have played 113 regular season games and 11 postseason games.

With numerous setbacks pushing his return further into the future, Roberson was optimistic about his future. He even seemed to have a dead set time for his return.

“Well, I’m on good track to return for training camp,” Roberson said at his exit interview. “So as of right now, still waiting on the bone to kind of fully heal. But making great progress. Yeah. Running. You guys seen. Happy about that. So keep progressing.”

Roberson was less sure if he would be ready for offseason exhibition games with his teammates. Typically Russell Westbrook has organized team games in Los Angeles during July.

“Yeah, there’s no point in me rushing or trying to get back to play an exhibition game.” Roberson added “My end goal is to win a championship next year, and there’s no rushing that. So we’ve got a whole season ahead. Summer, we’ll see, kind of roll with the punches, not really having a goal. Just kind of going off of feel now. It’ll be a little bit easier.”

Billy Donovan said that because of his setbacks, he has had a lot of time to actually heal.

“The healing has been good from what I’ve been told in his knee,” Donovan said. “He’s doing a lot more now without any setbacks. I think the pressure that he felt just internally of wanting to get back this year, when the injury happened in January, and then trying to get him back or him working to get back and then having those setbacks, it kind of really was hard.”

The Thunder’s guard/forward was hampered by an avulsion fracture in his left knee in late November. After having his surgery to relieve soreness in his synovitis in his knee in May, Roberson was due for a return around December or January. The avulsion fracture was not related to his original patellar tendon injury.

His main focus other than healing is to help the bone in his knee with vitamins and diet.

“More calcium, dairy products, and tendon,” Roberson revealed. “Obviously I take collagen, Vitamin C, magnesium pills, just things that have a little more of that kind of stuff in it. I don’t drink milk. I take calcium pills and I’ll take shots. Kind of more than milk.”

The Thunder will announce an update on Roberson at a later date.

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