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Oklahoma’s Marcus Major Says ‘No Mistakes, No Setbacks’ Ahead of Week Two

By Ross Lovelace


NORMAN — Marcus Major had been waiting a long time for a performance like Saturday’s. After the long couple seasons he’s had at Oklahoma, a two-score game was the best reassurance possible.

Major came to Norman as a local standout from Millwood High School in Oklahoma City. Being a hometown kid brings lofty expectations, something that Major has certainly learned how to deal with. Especially after patiently waiting his turn through the many setbacks he’s had.

“I wouldn’t say it’s challenging,” Major said. “There’s a lot of people who don’t really make it out of Oklahoma City. I just try to use it, any negativity, for motivation. Saying not many city kids can do this or do that, especially from the low class I came from in high school. It was challenging at first.”

Now that the expectations are only from within and he’s learned to block out the outside noise, Major is playing free. He’s finally been able to show what he can do.

“No mistakes for me, no setbacks for me,” Major said. “Just looking forward and being that guy that I’ve always wanted to be. I just really wanted to come into this season and do anything I can to help the guys win. I’m a team player first and I just want to help the team win.”


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