Zach’s Quick Reaction To College Football Playoff Rankings On A Couch With A Baby

Zach’s Quick Reaction To College Football Playoff Rankings On A Couch With A Baby

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  1. Cajun Rick

    November 25, 2015 at 2:13 pm

    Desmond is “Orange w/envy”. He’s MUCH better than that!!!

    OU is #3 and NOW all Desmond reports all NCAA Sports are “Business”. Then he proceeds to tell us about HIS OSU experience and how IT was “family”. Does he not think the players on all these successful teams, except maybe Ohio State, feel like a “family”? Somehow he is special…but he ain’t special…he and every OSU grad has never won a game in the Final Four…drop the mike.

    Desmond proceeds to compares OU/OSU scores of Texas and Baylor but leaves out the fact OSU has TRAILED FOUR opponents by 17 points this year…they are 3-1 in those games, which is to the Cowboys credit but also reveals a huge flaw to the Committee.

    Game Control (how bad are you whooppin’ the other team) is a metric used by the Committee. The Pokes are last amongst the Top 25 in that category…let that sink in. So when OSU loses they take a HUGE hit.

    Additionally, OU has outscored Big XII teams 46-20…OSU is 43-32. BUT the fact OU had all but two of these games well-in-hand in the 3Rd QTR, thus calling-off-the-dogs, or this difference would be MUCH greater. Meanwhile OSU has fought-for-their-lives in over half of these games…including giving up FIFTY THREE to Tx Tech.

    Similar metrics hurt Notre Dame…although I do agree “on the surface” the Texas game should be a bigger part of the equation.

    So remind Desmond, he’s better than that…stop hatin’, learn to love what you he choose NOT to be….a SOONER.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the fine folks at the Franchise… and Todd.

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