You’re Not In Kansas Anymore… Well sort of

You’re Not In Kansas Anymore… Well sort of

I must say that the fine people of Oklahoma should be appreciative of what you have. My trip to the Big 12 tournament was… Well it just was.  Upon entering the state I quickly realized that highway signs are shaped like a poorly made sun. Let that be a warning to Oklahoma travelers. You know the state is depressing when they have to use a sun shape to cheer you up. Then 40 miles or so you get to Witchita, the Devil’s toe jam. I always smell burning oil there, or is it petroleum? After that wonderful town you begin to get a glimpse of what you will see the rest of the way, nothing. I began to pray for a deer to run across the freeway. It was Groundhog Day all over again. I passed Ottawa, which I thought was province in Canada, which I call the Devil’s dingleberry. By that time cabin fever sunk in and I was talking to my self. I remember saying, ‘Here’s Johnny!’ I then realized that I would have to stop for gas before I reached my destination. Although I didn’t want to, the idea of being stuck on the side of the road didn’t appeal to me. So I pulled over in Emporia, the Devil’s armpit. Now, the car I drive takes premium gas only, which several gas stations in Emporia do not have. Amazing!  Finally, I make it to Kansas City and I realize one thing. Whoever the founders of that city were gave Kansas the crap side and Missouri the best side. Go figure. This has been a public service announcement made possible by #dontdrivethroughkansas


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