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Your New (1945) National Champions

Your New (1945) National Champions

Despite the football team being off this weekend, the folks in Stillwater have something to celebrate. They have just been crowned the national champions… of 1945.

The Oklahoma State football team’s first national title may have been awarded a little too late—71 years too late—but few can argue the legitimacy of this newfound title.

The decision to crown the Cowboys was made by the American Football Coaches Association, a committee put together to retroactively pick schools that deserved the Coaches Trophy (that beautiful crystal ball we all used to love) between the seasons of 1922 and 1949. Officials at Oklahoma State felt that their 1945 squad was worthy of such honor, so they submitted their case to the committee.

Sam Mayes, who was a former all-American at Oklahoma State in 2004 and is the host of the Locker Room Unfiltered show (which airs every Thursday from noon-1 p.m. on 107.7 the franchise), was thrilled for then head Coach Jim Lookabaugh and the members of the ’45 team.

“There is no doubt the deserved every accolade they could get,” Mayes said on Thursday’s show.

While the formerly known 9-0 Oklahoma A&M Cowboys averaged an impressive win margin of 23 points per game that season, which included a 47-0 thumping of the Oklahoma Sooners, Mayes doesn’t think that current fans should be overjoyed.

“Let’s calm down here for a second,” Mayes said. “There’s a certain level of excitement here. To be happy is fine, but there’s a line here that doesn’t need to crossed.”

Thursday’s championship announcement might not be as sweet as a couple of victories in the College Football Playoff. However, if you Poke’s fans want throw some Bing Crosby, pop the oldest bottle of champagne you can find, watch a copy of The Maltese Falcon, and celebrate the glory days of Oklahoma State football lore, who could blame you?

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