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Young and the Rockets

Young and the Rockets

Most probably thought Oklahoma’s Trae Young would hang around Norman for a few seasons, now he’s being considered as one of the most marketable players in the upcoming NBA draft. Both make some sense.

Young’s ascension was remarkable, based on a combination of great shooting and some wizardry with the ball, it made added up that the Norman North graduate would skip out of college at the first chance he got. OK, we might not have accepted it at first, but it’s easy to see now. Certainly the right decision to leave, if you have the chance to be a lottery pick.

Young’s star also gets a bit more shine thanks to the success of Steph Curry. Curry wasn’t a sure thing coming out of Davidson, but because he’s been so good, Young will benefit from teams not wanting to “miss out” a second time. Their games are comparable, but marketability? Perhaps the comparison between the two is the reason the shoe companies are intrigued by Young, too. Remember, Curry’s move to Under Armour was seen as a bit rouge, but then again so was drafting the undersized guard.

Up next? Well, find that player who does things a bit differently and has a game that attracts the younger generation. Young has that. It’s not Under Armour, it’s reportedly Puma. Makes some sense Puma, which hasn’t had an NBA player wear its shoe for decades, would want someone a bit more dynamic. It’s the best way to get back into the game, especially when it’s a situation where it has a chance to not “miss out” again. Nike doesn’t need to take a risk, Puma probably does. …

… Anyone get the feeling if the Rockets can’t figure out a way to win tonight at home against Golden State that they’ll never win against the Warriors? Yeah, me, too. Golden State is 1.5-point underdog, but that feels pretty hollow. Almost everyone is counting on the Warriors to dominate Houston again. I think this one’s over, too, well, as far as the series go. Golden State in 5, but the Rockets figure it out tonight. …

… By now you’re already counting your money, thanks to the recent ruling by the Supreme Court, which will open the door to states legalizing sports wagering. Now sports betting isn’t exactly the same as the lottery, but there is one similarity: You’re not going to win – not with any regularity, anyway.

The vast majority of folks who play the lottery, go to the horse track or go to the casino, are going for fun. Sure, people win, but most lose. This is going to be no different. Just because you’ve picked a few winners in the past and beat your buddy on a Super Bowl prop bet, doesn’t make you Jimmy the Greek. You’re better off downloading a stock market app and taking your chances there. …

… We did a bit this morning on the show where we picked the “coolest” athletes of all time. I went with Roy Hobbs and Freddy Couples. Who you got? Why? Twitter it to me @andrewgilmanOK

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