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Would we love to see it …

Would we love to see it …
Golden State is the best team in the NBA. OK, maybe it’s Cleveland. Whatever. Doesn’t matter. Golden State and Cleveland are at one level and everyone else is somewhere below that.


That’s new territory for the Thunder, who have been that team mentioned in years past as one of the elite in the NBA. But this is our life now. Oklahoma City just isn’t as good. It doesn’t mean things won’t change in the future. And it doesn’t mean the Thunder can’t win tonight inside Oracle Arena when they take on Golden State and Kevin Durant, despite being a massive Vegas underdog.
It probably won’t happen – after all, the Thunder are a 17-point underdog. But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t just love to see it.


And here are a few more things we’d sure like to see tonight, too:


Russ not shake hands with KD

No more fakeness. More petty is better at this point. Make KD the enemy. Create Russell Westbrook as the hero and make the narrative be, “Everyone else is against him.” Russ would go for this and it all starts with KD offering a pre-game handshake/hug and Russ swatting him away. We can only hope.A friendship never to be mended. Oh, the sweetness.


Draymond Green get an “inadvertent” shoulder to the face on a fast break

Earlier this week, Green floored LeBron James in the open court and Green went on to mock James for “flopping.” Wonder if, say, Anthony Morrow elbowed Green and then made a comedy show of it, would Green take it the same way he gave it? My guess is no. Hard to imagine any number of Thunder fans who wouldn’t mind seeing Green take a seat, though.


Enes Kanter harassing KD online

Last time these teams played, Kanter didn’t. He was benched for most of the game, but that didn’t stop him from talking trash to Durant. Odd, considering Kanter didn’t really play. So, if that’s gonna be the case again tonight, why wouldn’t Kanter just bring his iPhone to the bench, send KD a LinkedIn invite, maybe a Farmville request and possibly share a banana nut muffin recipe from Pintrest? Sure, it’s annoying when you get those things from your friends, but it would be pretty funny if Durant had to sift through a bunch of bogus notifications after the game.


KD miss a last-second shot
Let’s be honest, we all want KD to fail in this one. And if you’re truly being honest with yourself, you’d admit to loving it when Durant missed that last-second shot against Cleveland back on Christmas Day. Of course, if KD is going to be in the position of making a last-second shot, that means the Thunder have played well to get to that point.
A scenario where Westbrook drives past Durant for the go-ahead basket with seconds to play and then Durant kicks the ball out of bounds on a play designed for him to win it, would be expert-level trolling for the foreseeable future. Hey, we can hope, right?


The Thunder carry off Billy Donovan on their shoulders after the win 

Yes, it’s only a January regular season game, and yes Golden State has a rosy future to look forward to, but if Thunder win this game, they should carry coach Donovan off the court on the shoulders of Kanter and Kyle Single. Go over-the-top in celebration mode. Treat it like a Game 7 NBA Finals win. Pop champagne in the lockerroom and when people cry it’s not that big of a deal, just own it. Tell them, this wasn’t just a regular-season game. Tell them it meant everything to win on a Wednesday night in January. You know, party beyond belief. Who cares? You might not get this chance again.


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