Winter is coming, thankfully?

Winter is coming, thankfully?

This fall has been been a sports downer for a bunch of local sports fans. What’s gone wrong? Let’s go through the list of misery…

* OU lost two of its first 3 games to take itself out of the college football playoff (barring a miracle) by mid October

* OSU got robbed in a game it had no business losing against Central Michigan

* Houston had 25 guys on the field against Tulsa on that last play

* Tom Herman will soon move on from cheeseburgers and water to the filet mignon, lobster and fine wine of Texas

* The Texas Rangers didn’t last long in the postseason, getting swept by Toronto

* The St. Louis Cardinals, a postseason fixture, didn’t even make the playoffs

* The Big 12 continues to look like a circus, with one wrong move after another, with the national media portraying David Boren as the guy in the biggest clown suit

* Senile citizen Boone Pickens attacked Mike Gundy again, taking shots at the most successful coach in OSU football history

* Nick Saban keeps winning

* Kevin Durant keeps talking

* And Bill Belichick can’t figure out how to operate a tablet

Don’t even get me started on the Presidential candidates!

There are SOME fan bases that are feeling pretty good. The Dallas Cowboys are winning with two great rookies on offense and a surprising defense. Plus, the Cubs might just win a World Series after all.

And now winter is coming.

Thunder basketball with Russell Westbrook as the sole face of the franchise.

Can he play the role of Jon Snow and lead the OKC “good guys” to the playoffs?

Can anybody take down the “evil” Golden State “White Walkers?” Let’s hope it’s not the “Long Night,” like the one talked about in Game of Thrones.

If not you Russ, please LeBron, make sure it gets done.

Oh yeah, Tiger’s coming back in the winter, too. That could be just as painful as watching the Thunder trying to keep pace with Benedict Durant and the Warriors.

Maybe we should all just find away to enjoy the rest of the fall, even with its neighborhood clowns, lack of playoffs and laughable candidates.

Winter is coming. Not sure I’m ready…

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