Will Baker’s Success Topple Kingsbury’s Job?

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Will Baker’s Success Topple Kingsbury’s Job?

Baker Mayfield’s story has been told more times this week than ever before, and for good reason. Texas Tech head football coach, Kliff Kingsbury, has spent the last 10 games battling the “hot seat” that keeps rising in temperature with every loss the Red Raiders acquire. The heat had never been hotter than after Tech lost to West Virginia by 31 points last week, and with Oklahoma coming down to Lubbock this weekend, it doesn’t bode well for Kingsbury. But with all the losing, having no defense, and having nothing left to lean on other than good looks, there still maybe another straw to put upon the camel’s back.
When Baker left Texas Tech to come play for Bob Stoops’ Sooners, he knew the microscope that he would be under by the Tech fan base. Did we give up a gem? Is Kliff really that bad at evaluating talent? Both of those questions have been answered, and strongly, at that. Baker Mayfield led the Sooners to the playoffs and came into this season as a Heisman candidate! With all his success, it would be to no one’s surprise that it reflects negatively onto Kingsbury. How could you let a player as good as Mayfield, leave? On top of that, current California quarterback, Davis Webb, is also a product of transfer from Tech. Now don’t get me wrong, Patrick Mahomes is a fantastic talent and can make things happen offensively, but what if Tech had kept Baker? Would they really be any better?
With the way Mayfield can escape from pressure and extend plays, Mahomes can easily give Baker a run for his money in those categories. The thing that sets the two apart, as far as being a good quarterback, is just the decision making. When Baker was at Tech, he lost his position, and Webb took over until he got injured. After that, Baker finished out the 2013-14 season until the Red Raiders had their bowl game. There really isn’t much of a change in Baker’s stats from when he transferred to now, and that blows the door open on a multitude of issues Texas Tech has. Biggest issue has to be the defense and the atrocious way that they have performed over the time Kingsbury has been at the helm. The Raiders have given up an average of 37.5 points a game since Kingsbury became head coach in 2013, and are allowing 40 points per game so far this season! It’s hard to ask a guy to throw 5 touchdowns a game; especially when you’re allowing the other quarterback to throw the same amount, and some. So when you look at the Sooner defense and their numbers over the last 4 years, you can see why Baker has been able to keep the Sooners on a winning path for a majority of his career at Oklahoma. The Sooners have only allowed opponents to score 27 points on average since Mayfield became the starting quarterback. When your defense is allowing 10 less points a game on defense, that really eases up some pressure on you as a passer. Oh, and having a great running game doesn’t hurt either!
When it comes to the amount of influence Mayfield has on Kingsbury’s job, it really isn’t much. A horrendous defense and poor talent evaluation could be the only two reasons Tech’s AD tells Kliff to hit the road. But with over a 10 million dollar buyout, it’s hard to imagine Texas Tech being able to muster up that kind of cash after this season. In the end, let the Ryan Gosling of the Big 12 keep wearing that headset.

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