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Why Larry Coker Should, but Won’t be the Next Coach of Texas

Why Larry Coker Should, but Won’t be the Next Coach of Texas

There are many things that are suppose to happen. People should tip their waiter or waitress. You should always open doors for people. Diving 55 in the fast lane on a freeway is a no,no. In sports there are things that are suppose to happen as well. Gene Chizik was suppose to get more than two years after winning a National Championship at Auburn. Lebron James is suppose to be the chosen one, Kevin Durant should retire a member of the Thunder. The Fat Boys were not suppose to break up!
Alas, things don’t always happen how they should. In theory Charlie Strong should get more than two years, however, the wheels have been set in motion down in Austin and the train is hard to stop. Which leaves us to ponder on his eventual successor.
One name that will not be on the list is Larry Coker. Coker has been the only coach at UTSA, and while competitive, are not the talk of Texas. Looking back at Coker’s career is a journey of stops that include the likes of Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Miami. Oh, Miami. After taking over for Butch Jones, Coker proceeded to win a National Championship, with what many would consider Butch Jones players. (See Gene Chizik) After that the ship slowly began to sink around him.
The one thing that will be the biggest factor in the Texas decision for a head coach isn’t how many games Coker won or how he built a UTSA program from nothing. Sadly it will be his age. Sports are the only profession where age discrimination is clearly evident. President’s get the eyebrow raise for being too young. They are considered not wise enough. Where as in sports, being too old sends the message that you will not be a long term commitment.
So, let’s get this straight, 4 years is what Presidents of this great country get, but systematically eliminating Larry Coker from the Texas job, which under normal circumstances is usually a 4 year term, is forbidden because of age.
Sounds a little bit hyprocritical.

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