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Where’s the truth, what’s the story, what do you believe?: 25 predictions for Baylor-Oklahoma

Where’s the truth, what’s the story, what do you believe?: 25 predictions for Baylor-Oklahoma

Did you believe Kevin Durant when he said he wanted to play for the Thunder, for one team, his whole career?

Do you believe Russell Westbrook is here in OKC for the duration, or did you think Adnan actually did it? Too obscure? Sorry, Google “Serial” and listen for yourself, make up your own mind. Do the research. And lemme know if Nas was guilty after what he did, or didn’t do in “The Night Of.”

The thing is the truth is somewhere in between, seemingly hard to grasp and get a handle on, whether it’s Nas, Adnan or this Oklahoma football team. Worthy of being a playoff team, propelled once again by a mid-season run with a handful of wins against poor quality teams, or the kind of team not quite good enough to keep up with college football’s elite?

Oklahoma is once again playing good football, just like last year, and once again, the Sooners are moving up in the rankings. You believe OU is the ninth-best team in the country, or is it fraudulent thanks to wins against Kansas and Iowa State? You believe Steven Avery was guilty? Maybe we’ll get some answers this week when OU takes on Baylor at 11 a.m. Saturday.

Questions to ask, answers are out there, 25 predictions on the way.

Baylor comes to Norman, along with it’s offense, skill and significant amounts of carry-on baggage. Have the Bears given up? 1. You’ll be convinced they have when 2. Oklahoma comes out and scores on its first possession. The Sooners will get out to a quick lead, 3. have 14 at least by the end of the first quarter, but this thing isn’t a sure thing. You changed your mind about Avery in “Making a Murderer,” right? 4. Baylor will get its points, too. They’ll score more than 17 by halftime. 5. The Bears will also score on their first possession, too, and 6. you’ll be happy Baylor’s best running back is sitting this one out, due to suspension.

A week ago, Baylor got undone at home against TCU. In what seems like a lifetime ago, OU was undone by Houston. The Sooners are trending upward, Baylor seems to have given up. 7. Those trends will continue Saturday. 8. OU will show its defense isn’t as bad as it has shown against quality teams, by turning Baylor over at least three times, 9. including getting two interceptions. This doesn’t mean the Sooners are worthy of a college football playoff spot, so, 10. you’ll need to put away your spreadsheet detailing all the possibilities of what it will take to get OU in to the top four. Listen, 11. OU will play its best game of the season against the Bears, but 12.there’s no way now’s the time to be booking New Year’s Eve plans for playoff football game.

However, 13. when you see Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine back in the lineup, you’ll be thinking this is the best OU has looked all season. 14. You’ll be right, too. 15. The two Oklahoma running backs will combine for more than 200 yards, 16. eight receptions, and 17. three touchdowns.

Oklahoma is the most-dynamic offensive team in the conference. Perhaps that doesn’t mean much, but Baker Mayfield might be the best quarterback, Perine and Mixon are the best pair of running backs and the offensive line is solid, too. That makes OU the natural choice to win the Big 12, considering there isn’t an above-average defensive team in the league. All Oklahoma has to do Saturday is be decent on defense.

If OU has three sacks, holds Baylor to less than 450 yards and forces at least three Baylor punts, the Sooners will win.

18. All three will happen. 19. And you’ll be casually checking your phone, you know, just to check to see if Alabama, or Clemson might be losing. It’s only natural. Sooners got to have some help, and coach Bob Stoops knows this too, so you’ll see, 20. Mayfield play deep into the fourth quarter. OU has to make a statement, impress the committee, score some points. 21 Mayfield won’t come out despite passing for 350 yards, and 22. four touchdowns. 23. Dede Westbrook will get two more, too.

The truth is out there with this Oklahoma team and it’s as simple as this: Oklahoma is better than all the bad teams, but not quite as good as the elite. There’s no shame in that. 24. This team will fool you into thinking its good enough to be in the playoff. You won’t be able to help yourself.

25. Give the 15.5 points. Sooners win 52-27.

Last week: 10-15
This season: 124-101

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