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What’s said and what’s really meant

What’s said and what’s really meant

So much to digest from Saturday’s offensive showing between Oklahoma and Texas Tech.

Oklahoma already has been beaten by Houston and exposed by Ohio State. Now the Sooners are like a WAC team of the 1980s, giving up yards and points in record numbers. The thing is, it was sorta funny and entertaining when San Jose State or Nevada or even BYU did it. Now, closer to home, it appears not so funny.

So, how do we handle this kind of knowledge? How do get a handle on giving up 854 yards and 59 points? Taking the Sooner coaches at their word seems dangerous, so reading between the lines from what’s been said after Saturday’s game and after Monday’s press conference is necessary.

Take a look …

What Mike Stoops said of the defense after Saturday’s performance:
“Unacceptable at so many levels. I can’t even begin to try and define it.”

What Mike Stoops meant about his defense after Saturday’s performance:
Please don’t ask me any more questions, and no, I’m not interested in watching the game film. There are no definitions to explain what went on. Our guys, not only didn’t tackle, but didn’t show any interest in tackling. Also, in case anyone is interested, I may be coming down with a cough soon, so there’s a good chance I won’t be coaching against Baylor or West Virginia. Don’t blame me if things don’t work out.

What Bob Stoops said Monday during his press conference:
“I thought we were starting to turn a corner in the last few weeks. Obviously, it did not like like that out there.”

What Bob Stoops meant Monday during his press conference:
Our defense looked a lot better against sorry offensive teams like TCU and Kansas State. We were actually not even great defensively against those teams, but since Kenny Hill of TCU and whoever is flinging the ball for Kansas State couldn’t hit receivers who were running wide open for chunks of the game, we ended up looking something just better than awful. Turns out, Pat Mahomes could be an NFL quarterback and, frankly, we got embarrassed out there against a guy who actually knew what he was doing. We looked a lot better against the league’s worst passing offense that featured a quarterback with a busted shoulder. But yes, give me Iowa State and Kansas the next two weeks and I’m sure we’ll look a lot better. Probably.

What Bob Stoops said during Monday’s press conference:
“I know we’re capable of finishing the play instead of sticking behind a guy, step in front , knock the ball down, intercept it, whatever it may be. In a lot of cases, we’re in a lot of good positions, but we’ve got to complete the play. I believe we can.”

What Bob Stoops meant during Monday’s press conference
I mean, geez. We coach them all week, we line them up, we put them in position, we babysit them. What else do we have to do? Go out there and make the tackle for them? This is silliness. I can’t do everything. We need guys to try a bit harder. Effort is the easy part of football, but we didn’t see much of that at all Saturday.

What Bob Stoops said Monday at his press conference:
“We have faith in our guys. We’re going to coach them to be better.”

What Bob Stoops meant at his Monday press conference:
Uhh, these are the best guys we have. If we had someone else, we would have played ’em. So, yes, we have faith in them. Unless someone new steps onto campus, we either gotta coach them a heck of a lot better or we got to get really lucky.

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