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What Riley said, and what he meant at this week’s press conference

What Riley said, and what he meant at this week’s press conference

It’s been about a day since Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley met with the media to discuss the first game of the season.

So much information, so difficult to digest. Let’s dig in.

What Lincoln Riley said about the defense: “It’s a process. It’s year one. It’s about consistent improvement. We want to get off to a great start.”

What Lincoln Riley meant about the defense: Hmm. This is a good one, but this statement loosely translates to Riley hoping, for crying out loud, his team can get off the field with a third-down stop, and if we give up 40 points against Houston, there are going to be so many questions next week, and the week after, and the week after, about how nothing’s ever going to change defensively around here. Yeah, it’s year one, but this (expletive) better get fixed, and I mean now.

What Lincoln Riley said about quarterback Jalen Hurts who could have left Alabama last season: “It shows he’s a team guy … he wanted to do that for his team. He’s an all-in or all-out kind of guy. He was all-in for that team.”

What Lincoln Riley meant about Jalen Hurts: Sure am glad I don’t have to choose between a pair of quarterbacks who don’t have any college football experience to lead my team in the first week of the season. All-in? Call it whatever you want. He played in a national title game and has won more than 25 SEC games. That’s good enough for me. I’m a coach. I don’t want surprises. I want consistency. Hurts has proven that he can be trusted. Neither of the others have that going for them.
What Lincoln Riley said about the depth chart: “This is a big week for us. We still have some position battles going on. We have some spots that multiple guys will play … It’s just to give us as coaches a better chance to evaluate.”
What Lincoln Riley meant about the depth chart: We’ve only got another week until we put our best players out on the field and everyone starts passing judgement on what our staff got right and what our staff got wrong. I don’t have time to be worried about all that garbage, so I’d prefer to take as much time as possible before giving out any more information than I have to. If it’s possible to avoid questions about the depth chart, I’m gonna do exactly that.
What Lincoln Riley said about getting ready for playing against Houston: “This game will be about adjustments. Us having a new scheme on defense. Them having new schemes on offense and defense. It’ll be a game of surprises.”
What Lincoln Riley meant about getting ready for the game against Houston: Oh, we’re gonna definitely score some points, count on that, but this game is really going to come down to the defense and if it has improved enough to keep a Houston team from scoring in the 40s. The only real surprise is going to be if our offense struggles, because I’m used to a team scoring touchdowns whenever we need to score touchdowns.
What Lincoln Riley said about recruiting: “The last 3 yrs we probably’ve had the biggest name to come out of the Austin area in a long time. We’ve had the biggest name to come out of the Dallas area in a long time and now one of the bigger names to come out of Houston in a long time. So that lines up pretty good”
What Lincoln Riley meant about recruiting:We’ve had Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray. They both won Heismans. We have Jalen Hurts and if Hurts has a good season, he’ll be on an NFL roster at this time next season. Basically, if you want to be a successful quarterback and make it to the league, you ought to consider being here at Oklahoma, where our offense has a better-than-decent track record.

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