What I learned in Ft. Worth

What I learned in Ft. Worth

Ft Worth, what a place. Tucked on the west side of Dallas, this city is a combination of nightmarish road construction, and charm. The people are very friendly and the food is great.
If you pass the zoo with the big iguana you will find the campus of TCU. Their nick name is the horned frog, which I found out isn’t a frog at all. It’s more of a lizard, but the natives call it a Texas Toad. It actually shoots blood out of its eyes when threatened.
Speaking of things that don’t seem like what they are, the Oklahoma Sooners played there this weekend.
At the beginning of this game the lizards took the lead. I found myself scratching my head in amazement. I know OU played a brutal non conference then had a week off. I knew there were injuries, but I didn’t think they were that bad.
Then, just like the Texas Toad, blood started shooting out of the Sooner’s eyes. They went on a remarkable run and took the lead. It was a beautiful thing to watch on both sides of the ball.
Well, they must of ran out of blood or something, because back stormed TCU. OU had to hold on to finish them out in a game that should have been over a long time before the end of the fourth quarter.
The good thing about this game is that OU got the win. The bad thing about it is we saw with our own eyes a team do things right, and then because of whatever reason, lack of focus or fatigue, they reverted back to miscues and mistakes.
When I coached, I would always tell my players that if you show me you can do things right once, I will expect that you do it right all the time. So, Sooners if you’re going to be a Texas toad, bring more blood!

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