What Does It All Mean?

What Does It All Mean?

What does it all mean?

Russell Westbrook is the solo shining star in OKC. The Thunder superstar is eligible for a 5-year Super-max contract and seems to have the world on a string.
Being the second person in history to average a Triple Double and being the front-runner for the MVP will do that. Tumi (an Upscale luggage company) thought enough of him to make him a spokesman for their luggage (available now at Neiman Marcus). So what happens when you combine the most fashionable man in the NBA with a high end luggage dealer? A black and white cinematic mini movie that “features” OKC as a backdrop

Twitter exploded with theories on what the true meaning is behind this spot.They range from “He’s for sure staying” to “He has his bags packed and ready to roll out of OKC”. Will he leave? Will he stay? I have a few theories of my own

The 1:43 commercial starts with 14 seconds of Russ rolling a suitcase and packing it.-Showing a basketball superstar packing a suitcase in OKC might send Thunder fans into a PTS spasm. Oh NO, not again!!!

about :20 into the commercial OKC makes an appearance and Westbrook says “Home”…Thank goodness. He’s staying here.

:31 Random shots of people I’ve never seen in Oklahoma. Not saying that they don’t live here. They just don’t run in my circle.

:35 Super-fan ScissorHands-Instant street cred. This guy is the face of hipness in OKC. Also if you’re in need of a fresh fade he’s the man to see.

:52 Russ says OKC care about the Thunder as people not just B-Ballers. Solid cliche, right up there with “He’s a great player, but a better person”. throw away line.

:59 Guy talks about Russel’s loyalty. Subversive cheap shot at Durant. A must in the current Westbrook/Durant culture. Also, Russ is still under contract and got a nice bonus that freed up when KD left.

1:16 “He cares more about Oklahoma than he does the money”…
This made my heart sink. If this was organic I appreciate people still feel like this. But the truth is it portrays Oklahomans as out of touch, idealistic and naive. Of course a local yocal will say something like that, then go back to tending to his chickens. Small town statement from a small town mindset.

1:21 Russ shows the kids a typical Thunder offensive set. Russell drives into traffic, no one is open (because he’s the only guy) take a contested shot. Bucket!

1:28 ScissorHands try’s to clean up a fade and explain that some Thunder fans understand that professional sports is a business. Thank Goodness someone gets it. Can you tell the guy from 1:16?

1:33 Robot Russell Westbrook tags out of the comercial

1:39 Russ leaves his expensive luggage on top of the Midtown Plaza Court roof. Why was he up there? Did he stop at Waffle Champ when he got down? P.S. can we get an intern to grab Russ’ luggage he left up there?

Unfortunately, if Russ dosn’t sign the SuperMax there is no edit job that could salvage the spot, Mountain Dew cut out Cameron Payne and they were all good. All in all, I thought the spot was a beautiful, scenic commercial. I’m not sure I would buy the luggage. I don’t think it represented OKC accurately, but it did show Russ as a bigger than life personality.

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