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Weekend of Worry

Weekend of Worry

Sources have been saying things.

Sources close to people who are in the know are starting to believe things.

And you’re starting to panic.

Kevin Durant is in the middle of a land-bound pleasure cruise where he’s hitting all the magical ports of the NBA – places like San Antonio and Los Angeles, Miami, Boston and Oakland – hearing pitch after pitch and digesting promise after promise about what can and could be a future NBA championship.

And here we are, sitting around and waiting, letting it ruin our 4th of July weekend. Honestly, we’d be better off worrying about if the mayonnaise has turned in that potato salad, instead of concerning ourselves with such small events like KD.

But alas, when a basketball player has taken over our city, embedded himself within the cerebral cortex of our mind, we tend to get worked up.

It’s unavoidable. ESPN has provided an around-the-clock update letting us know each and every time from an armada of “sources” exactly what KD is thinking.

For example …

Chris Broussard came up with this: suggesting that KD was “blown away” by the fact DeAndre Jordan hasn’t made a free throw this calendar year, probably.

Marc Stein of ESPN tweeted this:

most likely about how if KD joins San Antonio he can have all the personality and life sucked out of him, like Tim Duncan, probably.

So, yes, there’s plenty of “news” to fill our day, but really, there’s been nothing.

We’ve heard quotes from “sources” and “friends,” and even got a KD snippet, but we haven’t heard anything from KD, OKC general manager Sam Prestii or KD’s agent Rich Kleiman.

As of Saturday, Kleiman hasn’t tweeted anything in 20 days. KD hasn’t tweeted anything in five days. Presti is too busy reading “I Claudius” to bother with trivial matters such as the internet.

Until you actually hear or read something from one of the above three, you’re better off worrying about how many sparklers you have.

Enjoy your weekend.

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