Wednesday Musings From The Masters

Wednesday Musings From The Masters


Lazy Wednesday at Augusta with final practice rounds today for some of the players.

Got a chance to catch Tiger play 3 holes with Fred Couples today. Saw Tiger hit a loose driver on the 2nd hole, heading left to what the older players call the “Delta Ticket Counter,” because you hit it left into the trees on that hole and you’re probably heading home for the weekend.

Tiger hacked out, made a six. Not something you want to see Thursday or Friday. Other than that miscue, he looked fine. Saw him smiling with caddie Joe LaCava. Seems like this new Tiger is happy just to be back in the hunt again. Looked super relaxed.

Another observation. Is there any 58 year old cooler than Fred Couples?

There may not be a more noticeable walk out there among all the players than Freddy. That leisurely stride always stands out.
Couples would walk exactly the same during a bomb scare, the same “I’m cooler than you” stroll that we’ve always seen from the 1992 Masters champion.

As for the tournament itself, the ANGC just keeps getting better. The course stays the same. Immaculately groomed as always, albeit a little longer.

The amenities have changed. The main golf shop is brand new. Bigger. Better. More modern looking. Roomier. And still stuffed with so many souvenirs your credit card is going to take that annual beating.

The restrooms are also new in many areas on the course. And still make the lines at an amusement park look slower than molasses.

Augusta screams tradition and efficiency. They have the blueprint on how to run a tournament the right way: maintaining tradition with just enough change to keep patrons happy.

The Masters is all about the experience, how it feels to walk those hallowed grounds. You don’t have to be a golf aficionado to love it. An appreciation of nature, and the calm that’s palpable when you’re here is enough.

The big stars will be out playing for real tomorrow:


And none bigger than Tiger, the 4-time winner, back with a legit chance to win. No bigger name in the sport.

Still, when it comes to Masters week, Augusta National is always the biggest star!

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