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“You want to find an MVP of the game, there (Seibert) is right there”; Quick hits from Lincoln Riley’s Kansas State Press Conference

“You want to find an MVP of the game, there (Seibert) is right there”; Quick hits from Lincoln Riley’s Kansas State Press Conference

Lincoln Riley met with the media for his regular game week press conference prior to traveling to Manhattan this week:

  • Injury Update:
    • Just like last week, Lincoln Riley said that he won’t rule anybody out for Kansas State.
    • Riley says Abdul Adams is close, but unsure if he’ll be ready.
    • Even with all of the in-game injuries against Texas, Riley says they did not lose anybody for multiple games or the season.
  • Riley did not touch on the Mayfield injury, but Mayfield said he was fine. Just had a “big human being land on him” and that it did not “feel to hot”.
  • The talk heading into the press conference was on officiating, but Riley maintained that they missed calls on both sides. Says that they have to continue to adapt to how they are going to call holdings.
  • Riley pointed out that Austin Seibert was their MVP and that Bobby Evans was their top offensive linemen from Saturday.
  • One of the big keys from the Iowa State game was tackling, and Riley says that it was “so much better”. Talked about the needed mentality and thought they had it against Texas.
  • Marcelias Sutton is not out of the running back rotation according to Riley. Says that the gameplans have been the reason he hasn’t received snaps.
  • He did say that the lack of turnovers is a concern. The Sooners only have five through their first six games.
  • Baker Mayfield mentioned during his portion that Bill Snyder has sent him a letter after each game he has played him.
  • To carry on, Lincoln Riley was asked about the longevity of Snyder’ tenure. His response? “I’m not going to be doing it at 78.”
  • On the personal fouls, Riley said that Sam Ehlinger should’ve won an “Academy Award” for the roughing the passer penalty. Says he is jealous of it as a QB Coach.

Oklahoma and Kansas State will kickoff at 3:00 PM CT on FOX. The kickoff for Texas Tech was announced, and the Sooners will get the primetime kickoff at 7:00 PM CT on ESPN 2 or ABC.

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