Undrafted Rookie PJ Dozier Will Wear Kevin Durant’s Old Number

Undrafted Rookie PJ Dozier Will Wear Kevin Durant’s Old Number

PJ Dozier has made a splash in his first day with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Thunder recently signed undrafted rookie PJ Dozier to a two-way contract, and he’s already made quite a  stir — although it’s not really his fault.

Dozier wore no. 35 in his preseason stint with the Dallas Mavericks, and seeing as how the number was open when Dozier was signed, the team allowed him to have it. And why not? It’s not as if the number is retired. After all: it is just. a. number.

And then there’s this: because of the nature of a two-way contract — Dozier can spend a max of 45 days with the team — he’ll likely spend most of his time with the Thunder’s G-League affiliate, the Blue.

Translation? It’s essentially non-news.

When asked, Dozier explained that he wears 35 in honor of the late Boston Celtic Reggie Lewis, his second cousin.

While it’s understandable that fans could take umbrage with Dozier’s number, I have a hard time comprehending why Rich Kleiman — agent of Durant, who just this summer erroneously spoke disparagingly about the Thunder on Twitter — could be upset about it.

Yeah, that’s definitely sarcasm. It’s just a number, Rich!


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