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Two Thoughts on a Wednesday

Two Thoughts on a Wednesday

Pretty underrated and smart move from Baker Mayfield’s people to suggest the Patriots were interested in trading up for the former Oklahoma quarterback and Heisman winner.

The reason? Well, like a good conspiracy theory, we’ll never know the truth, so a wild statement can never be proven untrue. Saying the Patriots were willing to give up a bunch to get Mayfield at the No. 2 spot in the draft is an attempt to diminish the talk that Cleveland made a mistake with its pick.

Plenty of folks out there think the Browns messed up taking Mayfield, for any number of reasons, but if the Patriots would have drafted him, certainly there would have been less detractors. After all, the Patriots have a history of winning, so they get more wiggle room when it comes to the benefit of the doubt. The Browns, mostly by their own doing, get no wiggle room. They screw up, or seem to, over and over, so drafting Mayfield, a bit of a wild card at No. 1, appears dubious.

If Mayfield’s people say, “Yeah, but New England wanted us,” then it makes it appear that Mayfield is a great pick because the Patriots would never want to take someone questionable, right? …

… A bit of damage control Wednesday morning when Sam Presti wrapped up the Thunder season with his meeting with the media.

So many questions about what’s to be with the Thunder, including what will happen with Carmelo Anthony, who complained at his season-ending media gathering that he was unhappy with his role with the team moving forward.

Now, it’s possible Anthony could opt out of his $28 million deal, but it seems unlikely, so that meant Presti and the the Thunder were on the defensive Wednesday. “I don’t want his comments at the end of the season to insinuate that he was not a total team player,” Presti said. “I give him an enormous amount of credit for being two feet in.”

Yes, Anthony deserves credit for taking a lesser role this season, as he’s never done that before, but no, he doesn’t deserve a pat on the back for it either. Anthony knew exactly what he was getting into in OKC, so saying he’s sacrificed and done everything for the team, is a bit misleading. I mean, he was paid. A lot. And Anthony had to waive a no-trade clause to come here, so, sorry, Melo, you don’t get the luxury of saying this was all a big surprise to you.

Meanwhile, his comments after the season, coming after his minutes were limited in the final two games of the season against Utah, shouldn’t be a surprise at all, and Presti knows that, too. Anthony grew into a malcontent at Denver and then again at New York before saying he wasn’t going to come off the bench in OKC. Now, Presti has the tough task of paying Anthony a bunch of money and having to deal with Anthony being disgruntled all season. No wonder Presti is praising Carmelo to the press. He needs Anthony to be content, because he could easily rip this team apart from the inside.

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