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Two things you probably missed on Monday

Two things you probably missed on Monday

Bob Stoops had his weekly meet with media Monday afternoon where the Oklahoma coach answered about 30 minutes worth of questions on who the back-ups to the back-ups might be in every conceivable situation.

Pretty good stuff.

Well, by now, if you’re an OU fan, you know all that information, but here are two things you might have missed from Monday’s press conference in Norman:

1. Stoops got his first laugh of the year
And it really wasn’t even that funny of a line. When asked about an injury early to one of his players, Stoops chuckled, “I’m not a doctor,” and then with a bit of comedic timing, he added, “Obviously.”

The joke, subtle and effective on a number of levels, was lost on many. However, some of the more savvy media members were able to pick up on it, offering a few hearty laughs.

Perhaps because it’s early in the season. Perhaps it’s because some folks think Stoops need some encouragement. Who knows. Either way, there was a bit too much laughter for a joke that doesn’t exactly try to be funny.

Can’t wait to see how Stoops preforms next week at Open Mic Night at the Riot Room.

2. Stoops never thinks about last year, or next year, or any other year
Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it seem like Stoops and Co., anyone wearing crimson and anyone who ever cheered for Oklahoma held onto the Alabama Sugar Bowl victory like it was a long-lost love. Yeah. Because it’s true. And that’s fine. The victory was one of the best by Stoops, a magical coaching job and a magical performance from folk hero Trevor Knight.

That’s fine. We get it. Understood. So, why not just admit it? For some reason, Stoops must think it’s a sign of weakness to refer to previous successes, or feed off of previous failures.

I don’t tie years together,” Stoops said. “I never have before. The point being, new people , new guys in different positions, different schedule. It’s a whole, new thing .You can’t live off the past. They’ve said this about you, so you should be this. We don’t pay attention to it. I don’t get it.”

I get it. You have a returning quarterback, two big-time running backs and a bunch of tradition. You’re also coming off of a great season, but one that came with a rough ending. Seems like that would be a motivator. Only natural to think that, right?

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