Twitter Fingers: Enes Kanter’s Best Tweets

Twitter Fingers: Enes Kanter’s Best Tweets

For all of his shortcomings, we know that Thunder big man Enes Kanter’s Twitter game is strong. As players become more and more aware of their image, the savvy ones can harness social media to further strengthen their brand. Kanter is one of the league’s best if we’re counting Twitter presence.

While most players’ Twitter feeds are boring, generic, and PR-cleansed, Enes Kanter isn’t afraid of stepping out and making waves. Let’s take a look at the big Turk’s best tweets since he’s come to Oklahoma City:


Although Russell Westbrook has more or less declined to talk about ex-teammate Kevin Durant in public, Enes Kanter doesn’t hesitate to roast KD whenever he can. Victor Oladipo got traded to OKC expecting to be the third fiddle alongside Durant and Westbrook, but Durant bolted to the bay. This tweet was just three days after the decision, and Thunder fans needed a little comic relief. Sometimes, that comes in the form of a tweet.


Another great Kanter troll-job. Exactly one month after Kevin Durant’s defection, Russell Westbrook signed his contract extension. Kanter is never afraid to get in on the meme fun, poking fun at Durant’s Players Tribune article.


Kanter, for all of his faults, is never, ever afraid to self-deprecate. When he injured his hand by embarrassingly punching a chair in late January, he didn’t speak publicly for a few days. His first tweet after the fact, poking fun at Tarheels coach Roy Williams, was a fantastic and self-aware bit of comedy.


While this one may rub Thunder fans the wrong way now, it was a perfect example of a clap-back against a figure who is pretty much universally loathed. Although Bayless was right about the end result of that series, it sure felt good at the time.


This is a man who loves Russell Westbrook. For some reason, a semi-popular narrative has emerged that Russell Westbrook is some kind of poor leader, or that his teammates don’t enjoy playing with him. With as much love as they show him on and off the court, I think that line of thinking can die now.

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