TV’s Jerry gets 5 minutes with Thunder rookie Domantas Sabonis

TV’s Jerry gets 5 minutes with Thunder rookie Domantas Sabonis

I had the chance to go to Oklahoma City Thunder media day. The Thunder brought a handful of players to our table to interview. On the wake of Domantas Sabonis’ showing in the Blue/White scrimmage I thought “What better time than now” to share my conversation.

TV’s Jerry: Hi! TV’s Jerry here with Domantas Sabonis, the hot, new, rookie for the Thunder!

TV’s Jerry: Just real quick, you already played some basketball this summer! You got to play in the Olympics, actually had a really good showing there. Kinda tell me about the competitiveness and performing in the Olympics.

Sabonis: Just being in the Olympics is awesome, and playing for my country being there with all the best athletes in the village was an amazing experience and I was happy to get to be a part of it!

TV’s Jerry: ¬†Were there some guys in the Olympics that you got to play against that you had always dreamed of playing against? Is that something you sort of thought about? I know your dad was pretty big in the NBA, so you’re not starstruck,

Sabonis: Yeah, of course. Growing up I watched the NBA, and there are a lot of international NBA players. Like for example, Luis Scola, playing against Ginobili, against all these great international players, it was an awesome thing.

TV’s Jerry: Now stepping in here with the Thunder, it looks like there are going to be a lot of people you will be competing with for that four or five position that you’re going at. This is nothing new to you right? You enjoy the competition, so when you get in there, what’s your mindset about going in and playing against some of these guys?

Sabonis: I just know I have to come in everyday and work really hard to show the coaches what I’m able to do and when I do get an opportunity or a chance I just have to do my best and help the team win.

TV’s Jerry: How much have you gotten to talk with Russell Westbrook about what the Thunder is all about right now?

Sabonis: Well since I got here I’ve seen what the Thunder is. It’s a team of togetherness, commitment, and just an amazing organization where the fans are always there for you, and I’m just really happy to be here.

TV’s Jerry: Are you, in any way, thinking about growing out the mustache? It just seems like something that the foreign players have done and taken to. is this something that interests you? Becoming a “Stache Brother”?

Sabonis: I’ll tell everyone, no, sorry. No stache for me!

TV’s Jerry: Really appreciate you stopping by, Demontas Sebonis! Great luck! Hope we have a good time this season!

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