Top NFL Quarterbacks: 32-17

Top NFL Quarterbacks: 32-17

Colby Daniels of The Triple M Ranch breaks down the Top QBs of the NFL. Here’s the bottom to midway in Part One.

32. Geno Smith – Geno will move up this list if he gets a lot better, fixes his face and the Jets don’t re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick or sign any other quarterback.

31. Jared Goff – Goff is certainly a better option than Case Keenum, but there’s little expected from the Rams QB in his rookie year.

30. Mark Sanchez – Sanchez has shown the ability in the past to ride a defense’s coattails. He will have a great opportunity to do just that if the Broncos don’t sign another QB. Sam Bradford – Bradford will look to improve coming off a 19 TD, 14 INT season in his first year with the Eagles. He elected not to compete for a higher spot on this list.

28. Colin Kaepernick – It’s amazing how far Kaepernick has fallen in the last few years. From a Super Bowl QB to a trade request and a QB competition with Blaine Gabbert. If he stays in San Francisco, he could be a fit for Chip Kelly’s offense.

27. Robert Griffin III – Speaking of falls from grace, RGIII now finds himself in Cleveland. Hue Jackson has a good reputation with quarterbacks, and might be able to make the most out of Griffin’s talent.

26. Brock Osweiler – Osweiler should enjoy throwing to Deandre Hopkins and rookie Will Fuller in his first season with the Texans. He still has a lot to prove before he moves up this list.

25. Teddy Bridgewater – Bridgewater should continue to improve with the addition of Laquon Treadwell, who joins Stefon Diggs and Adrian Peterson as weapons for Bridgewater.

24. Ryan Tannehill – Tannehill is developing a reputation for being a very average NFL quarterback. Expect something close to 8-8 from the Dolphins this season.

23. Marcus Mariota – The Titans did a great job in the offseason of providing Mariota more to work with. A terrible running game will now bolster Demarco Murray as well as first-round pick Jack Conklin. Mariota will only continue to improve.

22. Jameis Winston – Winston managed to do something his first year in the NFL that he couldn’t do in college; he actually stayed out of the spotlight and only made news on the field. The news was mostly good. If he can get a healthy year from Mike Evans, Winston could establish himself as one of the better young QB’s in the NFL.

21. Jay Cutler – It’s the same thing every year with Jay Cutler – Expectation, followed by disappointment. Maybe he can finally put it all together with Alshon Jeffery and a healthy Kevin White.

20. Tyrod Taylor – Taylor shocked a lot of people with his play a year ago. He seems to have established himself as a legit starter in Buffalo.

19. Kirk Cousins – The Redskins were smart to not give Cousins a lucrative contract after playing well for half of a season. If he can have a 2016 similar to the last half of his 2015, he’ll get paid next offseason.

18. Andy Dalton – Dalton has his moments, but he hasn’t turned it in to any serious success. With the talent around him, Dalton should have the Bengals contending for championships. Dalton needs to pick up where he left off before his injury last season.

17. Derek Carr – Carr has the Raiders being looked at as more than a laughing stock. He had an immediate connection with Amari Cooper, and managed to make Michael Crabtree relevant again. The Raiders offense should be fun to watch.

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