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THUNDER VIDEO: Cavs outrun OKC 120-112, avenge 24-point loss

THUNDER VIDEO: Cavs outrun OKC 120-112, avenge 24-point loss

Oklahoma City blew out Cleveland 148-124 January 20th in Cleveland.  Since then the Cavs turned over 6 of their 15 players at the trade deadline and won two games against playoff contenders, both on the road.  After bouncing the Celtics 121-99 on Sunday, Cleveland won for the 4th straight time, a 120-112 high-speed race against the Thunder Tuesday night.  LeBron James scored 37 as the Cavs won their third straight game on the road.

Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony returned from missing games with ankle injuries, but OKC is still missing the defense of Andre Roberson, now just 3-6 since Roberson was lost for the season after suffering a ruptured patellar tendon.

It was an entertaining game, and well-played, as OKC turned the ball over just 9 times, and Cleveland 7.  OKC outscored the Cavs by 7 at the free throw line, but the Cavs made 5 more 3-pointers than did Oklahoma City, which was where the game was won.

Here’s DG’s report from the Thunder locker room:

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