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Thunder Power Rankings at the All-Star Break Pt. 1

Thunder Power Rankings at the All-Star Break Pt. 1
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***If you would rather skip the explanation of the ranking system, go to page 2***

Now that we’ve crawled come to the halfway point of the season (my grasp on the art of mathematics notwithstanding), it is time we looked back on the performance of each member of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Since you have clicked on this feature, there are things you must understand. Your cup will runneth over with subjectivity and opinions, but hey, CONTENT!

Ranking System

In the spirit of transparency, here is how I came to my conclusions. Before the season began, I ranked the 12 players (more on this later) from best to worst based on my own observations.

I assigned a point scale by tiering out the preseason roster rankings:

To compare those rankings with the play thus far this season, I ranked each player’s personal development relative to their previous seasons with the team up until the All-Star break using a 1 through 5 scale — 1 being the best and 5 being the worst.

I then ranked each player’s impacting flaw using the same 1 through 5 scale based on these five qualifiers:

Staying on the floor
Floor Spreader/Opponent respect

Finally, I averaged out the personal development, impacting flaws and their pre-roster ranking to come to an overall number that shows the current rankings.

For the visual learner, here is an example, using Terrance Ferguson.

With a 1.9 overall score, Ferguson would be ranked in accordance to the other 11 players on the roster.

Why Only 12 Players?

New additions to the roster — Markieff Morris and Donte Grantham (two-way contract) — will not be included due to lack of playing time with the Thunder. Other guys like Richard Solomon and Scotty Hopson won’t be included as they are only 10-day’ers, but I’m sure they are wonderful human beings.

Alex Abrines gets his own paragraph here. Abrines’ season was chaotic to say the least. I did list him on my original rankings (was ranked 8th on the initial roster ranking), but due to the gravity of his situation, I will not include him.

Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot was traded Andre Roberson is still rehabbing his injury and has not played. Each player along with Abrines was removed from the preseason roster ranking, resulting in the 12 players.

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