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The Warriors would be the most fun

The Warriors would be the most fun

If you think the Thunder are going to win the NBA championship this season, this column isn’t for you. If you promise to come back next time, you can stop reading reading now and take a coffee break instead. K. Thanks.

If you don’t think the Thunder can win the NBA title this season, then you should want the Thunder to play the Warriors in the playoffs – sooner the better. Because if the Thunder aren’t going to win a title, we might as well maximize our entertainment. And the Warriors vs. the Thunder in the first round of the playoffs would be a lot of entertainment.

There’s a great chance it could happen. Golden State is slipping, now just a half-game better than the Spurs for the top seed, and the Thunder have been hovering between the No. 6 and No. 7 seed for a good part of the season.

Cheer for it. Hope for it. Russell Westbrook vs. the world, including Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and the evil Warriors? Yes, please. If the Thunder aren’t going to win the title, then I want to make sure I get to see Russ take on the most-talked about team. I want drama and there’s no chance there’s any more drama than Westbrook vs. the Warriors. Golden State is the team the NBA is buzzing about. People watch the Warriors and a lot of people tune in to hope they lose. Who better to be the good guy than Westbrook against the Empire. Storyline would be dripping with drama.

A series against Golden State means also means two more games at home against the Warriors. Two more chances to boo Kevin Durant where the signs will come out and the anger will be real. You want that. OKC would thrive of the madness.

Do the Thunder have a real chance of beating Golden State, a healthy Golden State team in a seven-game series? Probably not. Well, likely not. But what does it matter? If the Thunder aren’t going to win it all this year, a series against Golden State sounds more appetizing than taking on the Spurs or the Clippers or some team like that. Sure, the Rockets and James Harden are tempting and curious, but nothing like taking on Steve Kerr, Draymond and the rest of the evil Warriors.

This isn’t the NCAA Tournament. You can’t get lucky in the NBA playoffs. The best teams win, because, while flukes happen, they don’t happen four times in seven games. The Thunder are certainly capable of beating the Warriors, maybe even twice, but they aren’t good enough to win four times, which would have to include a win on Golden State’s home court.

Knowing that’s the case, gimme as many games against the Warriors as possible.


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