roosterIt’s back. The dreaded rooster kickoff has reared its ugly head again! Oklahoma and Tulsa will play at 11am Saturday in the Rooster Cogburn Classic. Fill your hands with beer you Son of a B$&ch!!

Sooner fans will rise early. Beers and barbecue will be served at sunrise. Some merchants will complain. And the almighty power of television wins again.

For us nerds in the media, the rooster kickoff works just fine. Especially for us dumb enough to have an alarm clock that goes off at 2:30am!! Who does that? We morning show fools actually get to sleep in for the rooster.

Newspaper columnists and reporters get to file stories earlier, and probably get home to see some of the afternoon college games and all of the evening matchups. I’m sure most prefer that over working into the next morning.

But hey, who cares about the media, right?

This is about the fans. Tailgate setups must go up before or right around sunrise. Some fans are fine with a breakfast beer(s), while others are better suited for the afternoon or night game adult beverage crew.

Barbecue pretty much works 24/7. If it’s done right, BBQ is a sure fire TD every time.

The rooster is a preferred slot as far as TV audience is concerned for OU. The 11am slot is a national window, while the 2:30 slot (except for Notre Dame/NBC and SEC/CBS) are almost always regional. The 2:30 time would probably give campus merchants the best of both worlds revenue wise, but for exposure, the 11am kick is better for the Sooners.

Even though Oklahoma is still a big national draw, who wants a regional game going up against the almighty SEC or Notre Dame’s national alumni? Outside of the Oklahoma market, that’s a losing proposition.

OU officials have tried to ask for a few later games on the schedule, so fans can get a little extra sleep and businesses can rake in a little extra cash.

However, the bottom line is that the 11am kick is better than the afternoon for exposure. As always, it’s about viewership and money. Mostly money. Benjamin’s for breakfast.

And that’s why the rooster won’t be going extinct anytime soon.

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