The Justice League is Apparently Meeting at the Peake Now

The Justice League is Apparently Meeting at the Peake Now

Monty Williams. Mo Cheeks. James Borrego.

What do all 3 of these guys have in common? Well… Alot.

They all have head coaching experience.

They are all seen as up and coming coach.

They all have areas of the floor they are known for being incredible in.

Oh. And they all are apparently coming to OKC to join Billy Donovan.


Really though what does Sam Presti think he is doing? He is hiring an assistant coaching staff that most NBA teams would kill for. Presti seems to be just throwing this crack team together with out even trying. I know people were questioning the hire of Billy Donovan but with this roster and this coaching staff. Lets dive in to who these guys are.

James Borrego

He was an assistant at the San Antonio Spurs for 7 years (2000-2007). Well duh. If you are going to work for the Oklahoma City you essentially have to have worn the black and silver at some point. James is no different. He then moved to New Orleans and then to the Magic. Along the way Borrego has been praised for his incredible ability to develop talent. Most recently Nikola Vucevic. He was almost an all star this season and Orlando said it was entirely because of Borrego. Hello Steven Adams and Enes Kanter.

Maurice Cheeks

Mo was here once upon a time. Former NBA point guard is held responsible for the growth of the Thunder point guard. People think an addition of Mo Cheeks to the team would really do wonders for Westbrook’s game again. He is known as a calming force and Brook’s talked to him as if he was the voice of reason after he left for the Pistons. He was blamed for the Piston’s failure but what was later nailed to the GM. Mo Cheeks had been handed a pretty bad hand in Detroit. The Thunder could help him catch some traction back in NBA circles.

Monty Williams

Monty. Monty. Monty Williams. Played for the Spurs. Took an injury plagued team to the playoffs last season and was let go. Which was a huge surprise to everyone. He is a hot name for many people but not for any teams that are currently looking… I mean that is just Denver. Monty might have to take a year or two from being a head coach. The Thunder might help him get that, especially if he can help take them to a championship.

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