The death of defense

The death of defense

Let us pause for a minute. However you celebrate the passing of something that use to be great once upon a time, please feel free to do just that. Pour out a little liquor. Dress up in black, get a tattoo with RIP, because defense is dead.
Looking back, defense had a good life. He would want us to celebrate that life, and not be sad for his passing. He would want us to fondly remember Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones, Jack Lambert, Ronnie Lott, Mean Joe Green. He would like us to remember a time when quarterbacks were afraid to throw the ball. For at his height, fear was his life blood.
We all sat back and watched his demise this past Saturday night in a dusty west Texas town called Lubbock.
What was disappointing is that he went out peacefully. He didn’t put up a fight, and was not revived at any time. The officials didn’t have to put him on life support per his request. By the end of the first quarter all of his internal organs had shut down. Defensive line, linebackers, and defensive backs.
I should have known something was up because I saw Death, from Family Guy, at the stadium.
So let us have a moment of silence to my good friend, defense. You will be missed.
Defense born Nov 6th 1869 Rutgers vs Princeton – died October 22nd 2016 OU vs Texas Tech

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