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The Day That Wasn’t

The Day That Wasn’t

I couldn’t wait to get in. Never been to The Masters and I’ve always wanted to. This was the year, finally getting the chance.

Oddly enough, I still feel the same way. Day 1 of The Masters and I have seen zero of the golf course, well, unless you count seeing Matt Kuchar hitting a few chip shots on the practice green.

All the anticipation. All the drama and the excitement and the everything. Couldn’t wait to see what everyone has been talking about all these years. Couldn’t wait to see the undulation of the greens and the green of the grass. Still can’t wait.

Wednesday was the worst.

After we finished up our morning show, we got the in car, got to where we needed to go and got within shouting distance of the gates and then we were turned away. Weather forced everyone off the course.

So then we waited some more.

After some Golf Channel and some weather watching, the course was set to open. Back in line, poaching off strangers’ umbrellas we waited again, standing in the hardest rain of the day, finally getting in, getting through the gates and onto the grounds.

And that was it. All of it. None of it. Well, other than a purchase of a few hats and a vest, that was it. The horn blew and we were ushered out. Again. Twice so close, twice turned away.

Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow.


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