The Curious Case of the NFL

The Curious Case of the NFL

First let me say, that I try not to throw rocks from a glass house.  I find myself confused, almost torn by this topic.  I am embarrassed by things happening in the NFL.  The on the field product, aside from lapses in officiating, and no more defense being played, I can handle.  However, off the field.  Negative.  These are grown men.  As a matter of fact the phrase, ‘Grown men in here’, as a staple of the locker room in Green Bay.  We played hard, fought hard, and took our jobs serious.  We didn’t get into tiffs about playing time, or if someone didn’t like us.  We didn’t get into twitter fights, or worry about who liked our girlfriends.  Men were men.  From what I see now, the NFL is the exact same thing Coach Pop said about the 3 pointer.  Off field issues in the NFL are a circus.  They take away from the product on the field, and honestly I feel that this is what the NFL wants.  They are targeting the people who like drama.  You see, back in my day, the NFL was Horror; violent hits, and Sci Fi; people that could do things that made you think they were superhuman.  Now there is the drama.  Grown men, acting like divas.  I for one want to go back to a simpler time.  A time where guys went out and played a kids game as hard as they could.  Where what goes on in the locker room, stayed in the locker room.  Where disputes about playing time and carries were handled behind closed doors with your agent, or you didn’t say anything about playing time, you just got better.  Yes, I’m older than dirt, and I don’t mind, because dirt does it’s job.  Put a seed in it with some water, and it promotes growth. Maybe some of these players need to understand those values.


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