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The Big 12 Wars Episode I: A New Beginning

The Big 12 Wars Episode I: A New Beginning
A group of 8 Jedi lived peacefully on a planet called tataNCAAwine.  They were strong with the light side of the force.  Three of the most powerful Jedi were champions. They all worked together to make harmony in the universe.

Unbeknown them, the dark side of the force was at work. The SWC empire had plans to take over this peaceful group of 8. This evil empire was bent on turning the Jedi to the dark side.

Fearful of this threat the group of 8 looked for the chosen one. They thought they found it in a team called Anakin Texwalker. Not to be confused with Walker Texas Ranger.  He is a bad ass.
So they bring in young Texwalker, thinking he would bring balance. In the pod race of 2005 and 2006 Texwalker brought pride back to a to a conference that hadn’t seen victory since the legendary Clone war of 2000. In that war the legendary OUwan Kinobe took down Jar Jar Bowden.

During this time Texwalker fell in love with Pac12mae. They were young in their success and she was much older with Califorina blonde hair, and warm weather.  How will this romance turn out? Find out next week on Episode 2.

NCAA Football

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